2BZ CarbonFocus Framework

2BZ as CarbonFocus Framework

Every project that is allowed on 2bezero.com must have a guaranteed quality guarantee.

In addition to an accepted quality mark such as Verra or Goldstandard, every project on 2Bezero.com must also meet our own internal strict quality standard.

Our internal 2bezero Accreditation department uses the 2BZ Carbon Focus Framework to assess projects for functionality, sustainability and reliability.

The 2BZ CarbonFocus Framework was developed in collaboration with various experienced market parties and offers buyers the certainty of reliable projects. Only after completing the entire 2BZ CarbonFocus admission process do we accept Carbon Removal Projects on our platform. In this way we offer the customers of 2bezero.com the security that you can expect from us.

The CarbonFocus Framework consists of an exploration, validation, accreditation and acceptance process in which potential projects must go through a complete certification process. Naturally, independent measurements and project calculations are always verified by multiple accreditors.

After approval, the 2BZ CarbonFocus Project Plan will be provided with the 2BZ CarbonFocus quality mark and the project will be ready to be deployed on 2BeZero

Together we make the Carbon Removal Markets more transparent and sustainable !