How does 2BeZero work

Project is being developed

Project is being developed

An organization, company or partnership wants to start a Carbon Removal project. After choosing the type of project, a project plan is written and the project is prepared.

Auditing within

Auditing within

2BeZero validates the project and the associated project documentation in which the project design, removal measures, and intended removal goals are recorded. After acceptance by our accreditation department, approval follows.

Sales to the customer

Sales to the customer

The project will be live on! After the sale, 2bezero takes care of the entire transaction process and certificate transfer. We will also adjust the transfer change in our register of origin.

Offsetting the buyer's organization.

Offsetting the buyer's organization.

The acquired Removal Certificates can be embedded in the buyer's organization. By including the purchase in the organization's annual report and/or sustainability report, concrete steps are taken towards offsetting the organization.

“We help your company towards a net-zero strategy. 2bezero is a leader in connecting supply and demand in the Carbon Removal market. Our specialists are happy to discuss with you how we can help your unique company move towards zero impact with individual tailor-made solutions.”


2BZ Carbon Removal certificates

Start your Offset project today with one of the projects we believe in.

Using means:

Only professional providers

All providers on our platform have been validated and pre-screened for professionalism and quality.

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Contribute to CO 2 compensation

Contribute to CO 2 compensation by purchasing validated certificates for your desired project.

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Also for the larger market parties: purchasing on account is possible

Do you need larger batches of CO 2 certificates at a competitive price? Please contact us and we will discuss our options in a personal setting.



Expand your reach with 2BeZero .com and gain access to global customers. Accelerate your business today!

You are good at your niche: Blue Carbon, DAC, Carbon Farming or one of the many other ways to bind or store CO2 for long periods and thus permanently remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

You master the technical challenges with which you contribute to the route to a cleaner world. But how do you get in touch with potential customers to whom you can sell your certificates?

We at 2bezero support you in this by presenting and marketing your valuable Certificates. By using 2bezero you come into contact with thousands of potential customers worldwide. This is how we help you scale up your business.

Our solutions for you:


Use our Marketplace to get in touch directly with your next customer! With 2BZ Marketplace you work with:

  • The Latest Software
  • The most secure payment processing
  • The largest access portal to customers worldwide

Register your project for our periodic auctions and get the highest market price by participating in our periodic Carbon Auctions.

At we believe that only a transparent and healthy market can help a sector grow and develop. was founded with the aim of making the Voluntary Carbon Markets more transparent and clearer.

With that in mind, we have developed Carbon Auctions at 2BZ. Only an auction creates the market dynamics and price formation that are necessary to create transparent market forces.

Our goal is to develop leading pricing for the VCM with the Carbon Auctions and to contribute to the path to maturity for the Carbon Removal Markets.

All Carbon Assets to be auctioned are first checked and validated according to our internal certification system before they are admitted to the Carbon Auctions.

2BZ Off-market
2BZ Off-market

With 2BZ Off-market we connect off-market buyers and sellers.

Our accountmanagers are at home in the changing world of Carbon Removal Units. With an extensive network and reliable track record, we can meet every specific market demand. Whether it concerns Blue Carbon, Soil Carbon, DAC or Biochar: we know the market and the available projects.

Each buyer has a unique corporate DNA and culture with a unique corporate vision. We understand that like no other. That is why every offset is unique.

Our accountmanagers understand this better than anyone and therefore arrange exactly the specific CRU that suits your company.

Large volumes of CRU are also possible with us. Does your organization have specific wishes such as Soil Carbon or Biochar, but you cannot find sufficient volumes? With 2BZ off-market Trade we are at home in the market and we can look for your needs. If there is insufficient availability on the market, we can bundle various projects to create a complete portfolio of certified quality CRUs that meet your needs.

More information? Contact us without obligation to discuss your options!

Carbon Auction
Carbon Auction

The first Carbon Auction for the voluntary market worldwide is planned for September 2024! Do you also want to sell your Voluntary Carbon Certificates to the highest bidder? Please contact us via the contact page to register your assets.

Keep an eye on this page for the most recent developments surrounding the first Carbon Auction. And also follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates about the first Voluntary Carbon Auction

Are you ready for your next step? Register your project on and become ready to scale!

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