Presale - Blijvend grasland 't Hoge Land | by Dutch Carbon Credits

Presale - Blijvend grasland 't Hoge Land | by Dutch Carbon Credits

PRE-SALE - Presale - Vorverkauf

Get in now and benefit from the benefits of our latest Carbon Removables project that we want to start soon!

The Groningen Hoge Land is a vast agricultural area where enterprising farmers work hard every day to provide the Netherlands with food. In addition, they help solve the climate problem by removing CO2 from the air and storing it in the soil.

Their grassland is the 'climate engine' in this. By not plowing grassland for a period of 10 years, the climate engine continuously works to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

By purchasing carbon certificates annually, you help Groningen farmers keep their grassland vital and the soil rich in carbon. Each certificate represents compensation of 1 tonne of CO2 emissions.

Would you like to help farmers with a new revenue model, contribute to the agricultural transition and use validated certificates to offset your CO2 emissions? Then join project Het Hoge Land!

Please note: the price mentioned is 25% of the total price of one carbon credit. This payment serves as a down payment to achieve a minimum number of sales to start and also serves as your proof of participation. If we are unable to achieve a minimum sales-to-start for this project, we will refund your payment. We are of course aiming for a quick and successful start!

Certificate Authority

€ 45,- / certificate*

price is excluding 21% VAT

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