2BZ Biochar White Label

2BZ Biochar White Label

The 2BZ Biochar White Label is produced under our own management. With our white label you can purchase your own desired volume of Biochar and market it under your own label.

Biochar is a wood product that, after pyrolysis, is a source of lasting carbon sequestration! Pyrolise is the carbonization of wood or other biomass without the presence of oxygen. This means that the wood does not burn, but solid carbon is created: biochar.

Biochar can be applied to the soil where it serves as a catalyst for soil life. By applying biochar, the soil improves its soil fertility, water retention capacity and biodiversity. Biochar is used by the soil but not broken down, so the carbon storage in the soil is permanent. So a win-win!

In addition to wood, various other types of biomass are suitable for pyrolization into biochar.

The 2BZ White Label Biochar is made from pure wood and therefore a pure biochar.

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2BZ CarbonFocus Framework

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